Flash Player Information

Flash Player is the multimedia program currently developed by Adobe, which is necessary to be able to playback Flash elements in your web browser such as Video, Music, Games, Advertising banners and other animations. Without Flash Player you will not be able to watch YouTube videos or watch animations on the Tumblr.

Flash Player technology provides the ability to create multimedia content which includes video, audio, text and animation. There are lots of special programs which are used to create advertising banners, presentations, games, movies, etc. All of that can be placed on the web pages, so users can listen to music directly from websites, watch videos online and play online games, all within a web browser. Flash Player supports various file formats including .swf (Small Web Format and .FLV and .F4V.

The development of Flash Player began back in 1996. For a long time it was engaged by the Macromedia Company, but in 2005 it was absorbed by much bigger company called Adobe. During this time the developers of Flash Player accumulated the main resource that helped them to hold leadership positions – the experience of the implementation and improvement of the player. The result is simply amazing – Flash Player is installed on 98% of all computers in the world that have an access to the Internet. Most of the users know Flash Player as Adobe Flash Player.

Flash Player is a very successful development, however it has its downside. Since Adobe Flash Player is a very popular, cyber criminals are always trying to find some vulnerability and exploit them to hack Flash Player and thereby gain access to launch malicious programs on users computers worldwide. That’s why the developers of Flash Player are constantly releasing updates with various security fixes and that’s why you should always have the latest version of the Flash Player on your computer.

Where I can download the latest version of Flash Player for my 64 bit Windows 10?
The latest version of Flash Player for Windows 10 you can download here. Select 64 or 32 bit version corresponding to your Operating System version.

Why there is a 64 and 32-bits version of Flash Player for Windows 10?
The 64 bit version of Flash Player is recommended for 64 bit version of Windows 10.